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Origin Lithuania

Patron of bees, honey, and beekeepers, Bubilas is rather fat and is known to have a sweet tooth.


Origin Australia

Legendary creatures who inhabit water holes, rivers and creeks. Well known by the aboriginal people of Australia, they often attack and devour unwary animals and those who disrespect or waste water. Many sighting by white settlers of the Australian outback have proven their existence, yet there are always doubters. The Bunyips of Azmerith live openly in the swamps and costal mangrove groves. They frequently travel to Australia as a sort of spiritual vision quest. They especially revere the warmer water there but abhor (and will attack) anyone urinating in or near their favorite water holes.


Origin Etruscan

Charu (also spelled Charun, or Karun) acted as one of the psychopomp of the underworld, not to be confused with the lord of the underworld, known to the Etruscans as Aita. He is often portrayed with a large hammer that he uses to ward off evil spirits.


Origin Italy

Pre-Roman goddess with dominion over wilderness, hunting, wild animals, fertility, witchcraft, women and children. Festival of Torches, held annually 13th August. Any Friday 13th in August is especially sacred to Diana. 


Origin Haiti

Mercenary spirits for hire. They are very independent, making their own rules. Often wild and autonomous, they may be hired as guardians or to do malevolent work that other spirits would refuse. Be sure to pay the agreed upon price as they can be very aggressive if swindled. Djab make excellent spiritual body-guards against demons conjured by your enemies.

Duergar aka Dwarves

Origin Germanic, Norse

Sturdy, short of stature, and very strong ancient earth spirits who inhabit mountains. Miners and expert crafters of gems and precious metals. Fierce in battle due to their strength and low center of gravity. Angered over the Disney movie, which depicted dwarves as Sleepy, Grumpy, and Dopey, dwarves of Azmerith, shaved their beards and disguised themselves as children, visiting Anaheim, California, with plans to tunnel under Disneyland, causing it to collapse into the Earth. The disaster was averted when the dwarves saw how happy the movie made human children.



Origin Ireland

Beautiful goddess of the deer, guardian of the forest and wild nature; also a goddess of rampant and joyful sexuality.  She has a soft spot for human outcasts and those marginalized by society, the kind of people who often escape to the forest. She may appear as a beautiful sexy woman or as a doe. Her chariot is drawn by deer.



Origin Sabine or Oscan

The spirit of all that blossoms, the original Queen of the May. Her festival, the Floralia, is celebrated on Earth from April 28 through the beginning of May. Flora was given immortality by Gaff and considered the chief gardener in Azmerith. Wherever she walks, flowers flourish, so if you see flowers, she has been there.


Origin Etruscan or Italian

Very old and mysterious matron goddess of thieves and robbers. She was once incorporated into the Roman state religion and she had an annual day for celebration. In a sacred grove near the Tiber’s west bank she had a temple of worship.

Fu Xi

Origin Mid-29th century BCE China

Fu Xi was created by Gaff as one of the seven Great Dragons of Azmerith. Created in Gaff’s image, the Great Dragons were able to transform themselves into human, elf, woodling, trow, and kobold shape in order to distribute their knowledge. On Earth, Fu Xi was considered to be the inventor of writing, fishing, trapping and astrology.



Origin Lithuania

Fire goddess, openly worshiped and revered in Lithuania until around 1387 when Christianity eradicated her sacred grove-sanctuaries on hilltops and riverbanks. Until then, her sacred fires were kept alight by her priestesses called Vaidilutes. She is very different from Hestia. She can be assertive and aggressive. She traditionally receives salt and food offerings placed directly into the fire. It is impolite to retrieve food which has accidentally fallen into the flames. Never urinate on a fire! Gabija has eyes and sees everything.

Gorgon Sisters

Origin Greece

Three sisters who lived in the Western Ocean. Anyone who looks at them is turned to stone. The souls of those turned to stone go to the cistern of souls as gorgonian stones until the elements wear away the statue. Of the three, only one was mortal, Medusa, who was slain by Perseus. It is said in Mu that Medusa’s death was an illusion of Earth. Only her mortal body was beheaded. Her wicked soul now lives on an island in the southern Sea of Tiamat.



Origin European

Seen frequently on Earth in Europe and America, the gnomes were created by Gaff in Azmerith to be gardeners and stewards of Under-Mountain wildlife. Easily bored with the sedentary life of farming, gnomes have a lust for travel and secretly developed the ability of magical translocation. It is said that all a gnome has to do is to think of a place he wants to be and he will instantly arrive at his destination. During 20th Century Earth, gnomes were seen traveling in all popular tourist destinations, masquerading as garden ornaments whenever spotted by humans.



Origin Greece

The goddess Hestia presides over hearth and fire. She is the eternal flame. She is a gracious, mature and regal woman who is happiest sitting by the hearth where a well tended fire burns. It is her spirit that is carried in the torch of the Olympics and she greatly enjoys watching the competitions from her royal seat.


Origin Teutonic

Goddess of deaths and births, also a weather spirit, affecting the weather wherever she is currently residing. Both Hulda and Waldmichen are known for their rabbits. Her feast day  is on the winter solstice.


Origin Mesopotamian

Goddess of fertility and war with many powers. Worshiped for thousands of years as a Sumerian/Mesopotamian spirit. The role-model for Astarte, Anat and Aphrodite. Goddess of the planet Venus. Strong and independent. She can be extremely sexual, violent, aggressive and volatile. As a goddess of sexual power, she uses consorts until they are all used up, and then discards them. Goddess of the planet Venus, she protects prostitutes and others who work at night. She gives life and can take it away. She rules over the fertility of plants, animals and humans alike. She revels in war, becoming aroused by the carnage and gore. Her emblem is the eight pointed star; she owns seven hunting dogs, seven lions draw her chariot. She may manifest as a beautiful, youthful bejeweled woman or sometimes as a fig tree. Warriors in battle may see her as a sexy, young, independent warrior-woman, clad in bejeweled armor splattered with the blood of her enemies. She was widely worshiped by the followers of Mara.


Origin Persia

Ifrit are spiritual beings mentioned in the Qur'an who inhabit an unseen world. Ifrit were made of a smokeless and scorching fire, but also physical in nature, they are able to interact physically with people and objects. Like human beings, the Ifrit can be good, evil, or neutrally benevolent and hence have freewill like humans and unlike angles of Heaven.


Origin Czech

When Baba Yanga goes to her lake hut on Earth, she is usually a kinder and gentler soul. Her hut at the lake is not built of bone and the locals have come to revere her for her expert advice and help with love potions and herbal medicines. They have called her Jezibaba with affection.

Jinn or Djinn

Origin Persia

Jinn, also known as djinn, jinni or genies: spiritual beings mentioned in the Qur'an who inhabit an unseen world. Jinn were created Angra Mainyu (aka the Vagabond). Made of a smokeless and scorching fire, but also physical in nature, they are able to interact physically with people and objects. Jinn were made to be guardians and guides, helping humans to achieve their spiritual lessons. Like human beings, the jinn can also be good, evil, or neutrally benevolent and hence have freewill like humans and unlike angels.



Origin Lithuania, Latvia

In Lithuanian mythology, Kalvaitis was the blacksmith god who each day remade the sun disc, sending it red-hot across the sky. Living near the water’s edge in Azmerith, he hammers the strongest swords, imbued with powerful magic. Using fire from the Lake of Light his hammer strikes steel so hard that the blows can be heard on Earth, particularly at sunrise. Hence, people of Lithuania believed that Kalvaitis actually made the sun each day.




Origin Germanic, Dutch

Mountain spirits who live underground, kobolds know where the hidden veins of ore are located. In Gaff’s Under-Mountain kingdom, they were the chief architects and engineers, instructing baby dragons in their tunnel melting. On Earth, these spirits help miners. In some places they are known as Tommy-knockers.


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